What is Luxury?

I get asked, “Does Cedar Creek Kennel offer luxury boarding?” I do, but dog luxury isn’t the same as people luxury. A white quartz countertop in the lobby and 4K flatscreen in their kennel do nothing for their experience. But, if you’re a dog Cedar Creek Kennel is luxurious. Here are some of the features your dog does appreciate.

First, it is quiet. Your dog’s extraordinary hearing detects sounds from 4x further away, and at a far greater range of pitches. Our kennel is away from the highway, 800 feet off of Farmington, and nestled in the woods. With the light breeze rustling the leaves on 8 acres of trees, the environment is as serene as can be for your dog.

Second, we have real grass. Synthetic turf requires no mowing, little maintenance, and is always green; it is profoundly convenient for humans who own kennels. But how does it smell to your dog’s sensitive sniffer? Certainly not natural. And on a hot sunny day, the turf and the air just above it can be 20˚ to 50˚ degrees hotter than the ambient temperature. I would not put my dog on a surface that is well above 100˚, so I won’t do it to yours either.

Third, your dog interacts with just one person from start to finish. This enables me to build a rapport with your pet so they feel comfortable, safe, and relaxed quickly. It’s not a different pair of hands on them 4x a day, just the same ones they can trust.

Last, it’s about pee. Would you be comfortable eating dinner at 5, peeing at 5:15, and having your next potty chance be at 8am the following morning? I treat Cedar Creek Kennel guests as I do my own English Mastiff, so dogs get to digest dinner, and then go out again after 8:00 pm so that they have a comfortable night.

I don’t have a sign that says “Luxury Boarding” or a quartz countertop, but that’s not what your dog cares about.


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