Pawsitive Memorials

In addition to owning and operating Cedar Creek Kennel, I wanted to share a new kind of memorial I have created. Six and a half years ago my English Pointer, Roxy, passed away. It was under the radar heart disease in her case. The vet returned her to me in an urn, and it is a nice urn, but it never seemed right that her cremains should live in a dark and cold stone for eternity. I scattered some of her cremains in her favorite places, and planned to use the rest when I found the right sort of memorial for her. But I never found one that reminded me of her light, vibrance, and personality. They were all somber and serious boxes and urns that were reminders of death, not life. So, the urn sat there.

In early 2020, it became clear that I would have some extra free time this year. I pulled Roxy’s urn off a shelf and started think about a memorial would celebrate her life, rather than mourn her death. I wanted to use wood, have it be colorful, contain cremains, and be something I wanted to display.

I have chosen the name “Pawsitive Memorials” for this new style of memorial. It is bright, colorful, unique, and customizable. All styles have cremains infused with color and North Carolina wood, most of it from this property. The LOVE plaque uses the single best word to describe how we feel about our pets. The customizable sign allows for more personalization, and can have the silhouette of your pet from a photo you provide. Light passes through both signs, they are also sun-catchers if you choose to display in a window. You choose the wood you like, and the colors you most associate with your loved one. Naturally, the signs can be made in memory of any loved one, whether they have paws or not. I have already done some very custom work in memory of a young woman who passed at 23.

I hope you don’t need a lot of memorials, but one day we all do. For some people, storing cremains in a box or urn works out, but if you are looking for something that reminds you of life rather than death, and has color and personality, then you have a new choice. I have shop on Etsy, Pawsitive Memorials, when that unfortunate day comes.

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